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What is

It's an online SaaS (software-as-a-service) that enables your organization to create and share deep, detailed technical documentation such as user guides and manuals simply and quickly.

Benefits of using

  • Streamline the authoring and publishing processes
  • Enable multiple contributors to work concurrently, from multiple locations
  • Partial-publish only the sections that are ready
  • All content archived when updated
  • Responsive content works across multiple device types
Wysiwyg editor image

Wysiwyg editor

Easily edit content text and code, upload images, and insert videos

Source control style image

Source control style check-out protection

Create multiple authors, let them work simultaneously without overwriting each other

Auto-numbering image

Auto-numbering, deep hierarchy

Built for extensive documentation, you can nest up to 7 levels deep

Import and export using XML image

Import and export using XML can export and import data as XML using the DocBook schema

Direct linking image

Direct linking to specific sections

Discreet URLs for every section and subsection makes it easy to direct users to exactly the required content

Selectively publish image

Selectively publish with just two clicks

Work on content until it's ready and only publish what you want when you want

Sample tomes

Kartris Logo

Extensive user and developer documentation for the Kartris open source ecommerce platform

Tome Logo

Our very own user guide is built on

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