Build comprehensive user guides and help manuals quickly and easily

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Built for teams

Work together on documentation from multiple locations

multiple users

Multiple user roles ?

Create a tome, invite new users and allocate specific roles to them.

source control features

Source-control features ?

Auto-checkout of sections when edits made, unlock, cancel changes

publish individual sections

Selectively publish ?

You can choose what to publish by section. No need to wait for other team members to finish their updates; publish new sections as soon as they're ready.

One-click access

Help customers reach the information they need with the minimum of effort.

embedded documentation

For software ?

Embed popup help right within your own pages with our simple copy and paste code.

For hardware ?

Create QR codes to include on your products, or parts of your product, so users can retrieve the right documentation (and even the right section) with their mobile device.

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